Action taken by Town & Country Planning Department against the colonizers who are engaged in illegal extraction of ground water for construction purposes.

                    In respect of orders dated 31.07.2012 of Hon’ble High Court in CWP No. 20032 of 2008 titled as Sunil Singh V/s  Ministry of Environment & Forests and others, survey was got conducted by the Department through STP-Gurgaon and it was noticed that some of the colonizers are withdrawing ground water for construction purpose.  Accordingly, Show Cause Notices were issued in 81 cases wherein colonizers have been asked to explain the reasons for withdrawing the ground water for construction purposes against the approval of Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)/State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA)/ Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) and also in violation of the Hon’ble High Court dated 31.07.2012.  The colonizers are also directed that ground water should not be used for construction purpose.  CGWB, North-Western Region and Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon is already asked to take further necessary action for sealing unauthorized tubewells/borewells.  The summary of the Show Cause Notices issued in respect of colonizers is as below.

Sr No Name of Colonizer No of Notices Link
1 A.N. Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
2 ABW Buildwell Pvt. Ltd 2 Download1-2
3 Aggarwal Developers Pvt Limited 1 Download
4 ALM Infotech Pvt Limited 1 Download
5 Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. 1 Download
6 Bestech India Ltd. 3 Download1; Download2; Download3
7 Chintels India Ltd 3 Download1; Download2; Download3
8 Countrywide Promoters Pvt limited 2 Download1; Download2
9 Deputy Gothwal Construction Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
10 Dharmpal and others 1 Download
11 DLF New Gurgaon Homes Developer Pvt Ltd. 5 Download1; Download2; Download3; Download4; Download5
12 Emaar MGF Land Limited 3 Download1-3
13 Era Infrastructure (India) Ltd. 1 Download
14 Headway Builcon Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
15 Ish Kripa Properties Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
16 J.M.D limited and others 1 Download
17 JSG Builders Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
18 Jubilant Malls Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
19 Jubilant Software Services Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
20 K.S.S Properties Pvt Ltd 1 Download
21 Land Mark Appartment Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
22 Magnum International Trading Co. Ltd. 1 Download
23 Mapsco Builders Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
24 Mahindra Gesco Developer Ltd. 1 Download
25 National Buildings Construction Corp. Ltd. 2 Download1; Download2
26 Ninex Developers Ltd. 1 Download
27 North Star Appartments Pvt.Ltd. 1 Download
28 Orris Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 2 Download1; Download2
29 Oxyzen Realtors Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
30 Pal Infrastructure & Developer Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
31 Pashupati Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
32 Pioneer Urban Land and Infrastructure Ltd 2 Download1-2
33 Prajakta Colonizers Pvt Ltd 1 Download
34 Puri Construction Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
35 Raheja Developers Pvt. Ltd 6 Download1; Download2; Download3; Download4; Download5-6
36 Ramprastha Green Pvt. Ltd. 2 Download1; Download2
37 Reliable Realtech Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
38 S.A. Infracon Pvt. Ltd. 2 Download1; Download2
39 S.U Estates Pvt Limited 2 Download1-2
40 SA Infratech Pvt Limited 1 Download
41 Satya Developers Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
42 Selene Construction Pvt Ltd 1 Download
43 Sham Communications Systems 1 Download
44 Shivnandan Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
45 Spaze Towers Pvt Limited 2 Download1; Download2
46 Splendor Land Base Ltd. 1 Download
47 SRP Builders Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
48 Tata Services Ltd. 1 Download
49 Tirupati Build Plaza Pvt. Ltd. 1 Download
50 Tulip Infratech Pvt. Ltd 4 Download1; Download2-4
51 Uppal Housing Pvt Limited 1 Download
52 Vatika Ltd. 4 Download1; Download2; Download3; Download4